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 Forum Rules *Read Before Posting*

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PostSubject: Forum Rules *Read Before Posting*   Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:33 pm

1. Signatures - No images, quotes, or any other BBCode except for links, color changes, and the normal bold, italics, and underline. There is a maximum of 255 characters and 2 links.

2. Language - No foul language, I'm not going through the hundreds of words that are not allowed and replace them! You know what foul language is and if you are caught using it, you will be banned! Also, no sexual references, not even a slight innuendo. Sexual harassment is not funny and will not be tolerated!

3. Thread hijacking - is not allowed, period. Stay on topic. This includes not posting stupid comments that have no relevance or purpose.

4. No dead thread bumps! (i.e. replying to a very old thread) - Not allowed, period. If you have a related question or comment, start a new thread and refer to the old thread with a link. Bumping a thread like a WIP, mini pics, and BatReps is allowed.

5. No haters! - no hateful comments, nonconstructive criticism, ranting, racism, or any other disruptive practices are allowed. Do NOT discuss politics or religion. EVER!

6. Off Topic Forum - this is for anything you want to talk about that isn't wargaming related, but should not break any of the other rules.

7. Starting a New Post - Please do this in the appropriate place. i.e. Posting about CSM in an Eldar forum.

8. Do not serial post/double post - If you do, please delete doubles. You only need to click once to submit!

9. No unauthorized advertisements or Spam - If you spam you will be reported as a spammer a Spam monitoring agency and banned! It is prohibited to link to pornography or content that can damage computers or data such as viruses. If you wish to advertise a website, contact an Admin fpr permission.

10. Do not share, trade, link to, or distribute - That means any copyright material, without the express written consent of the owner (especially GW stuff).

Consequences of Breaking Rules

Every time somebody breaks a rule a moderator will:

1. Correct what is wrong (i.e. remove offensive words / posts / etc.)

2. Give the user an official warning. Unofficial warnings might be used for minor things like posting in the wrong category. Anything else will receive an official warning.

Official warnings will last for 60 days. If you earn enough warnings you will be banned, temporarily at first, more permanently if you persist.

2 warnings = one week ban
3 warnings = one month ban
4 warnings = permanent ban

If you do something incredibly serious (like posting pornography), then you may be banned right away.


If you feel a moderator has done something that you think shouldn't have been done, then PM an Admin.

Anything I missed? Please let me know!

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Forum Rules *Read Before Posting*
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