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 An example of a 6100 point list

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PostSubject: An example of a 6100 point list   Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:03 pm

This is an example of the kind of list you would make for the campaign.
Remember, you don't need 6100 points, you just need to represent the smaller lists that will be on the battle field, like 1500, 750, etc.

Wolves of Dorn Draconis Campaign Strike Force

Vulkan HeStan
Master of the Forge Praetus
Predator X3

1st Company
Librarian Novus
Chaplain Attilas
4 Terminator Squads
Squad Gallus
Squad Quintos
Squad Thaddius
Squad Zarkov
Sternguard Squad Aldius
Vanguard Squad Tiberus
Land Raider X2
Land Raider Redeemer

4th Company
Captain Kaltos
Command Squad
Veteran Sergeant Vern
Company Champion Gallus
Apothecary Nicodemus
Standard Bearer Zane
Brother Solomon
Chaplain Grendel
Tactical Squad Nixios
Tactical Squad Uriah
Tactical Squad Garvel
Tactical Squad Faust
Tactical Squad Emilion
Tactical Squad Garm
Devastator Squad Jericus
Devastator Squad Severus
Bike Squad Zevet
Dreadnought Serghar
Dreadnought Belator
Rhino X2
Razorback X2

Please never put point costs of each unit on the forum. We can get in trouble from GW.
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An example of a 6100 point list
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