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 Character creation rules (WIP)

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PostSubject: Character creation rules (WIP)   Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:05 pm

Here are some of the rules for character creation. These are still in the WIP phase so take with a grain of salt.

At the beginning of the campaign, each player should choose a single character that they will serve as the army's general for the duration of the campaign. Each character should be given a name, wargear accounted for, stats kept track of, and experience tallied. Commanders may not be Vehicles, though they may be mounted on bikes or cavalry. Characters cost increases in accordance to its Experience. It's total cost is a combination of Codex cost, wargear cost, and bought skills and abilities.

The commander gains 1 Experience point in each game he participates in that he does not die or flees off of the table. During each game, the commander can earn additional experience if he or the unit he is in accomplishes any of the following actions:

- Slaying the enemy commander.. +2 exp
- Killing a monstrous creature. +1 exp
- Forcing an enemy unit to route. +1 exp
- Surviving the battle without suffering any wounds. +1 exp
- Successfully conquering a planet. +3 exp

lvl 1 = 5 pts lvl (#) x 5 = total points
lvl 2 = 10 pts
lvl 3 = 15 pts
lvl 4 = 20 pts
lvl 5 = 25 pts

Each time a Commander gains 5 experience points, he gains a level. For each level gained, the player may make a roll on the Commander Advancement table (below). The bonus rolled is applied to the Commander for the duration of campaign. Each level has a point value that must be added to the character’s total point value. See table above.

Commander Advancement Table (Roll 2d6)
2 Weapons Locker: The character may choose any one piece of wargear from his army's Codex.
3-7 Skilled Warrior: The character may choose from the Skills list below.
8 Characteristic Increase: Choose either +1 WS or +1 BS.
9 Characteristic Increase: Roll again: 1-3 = +1 Initiative; 4-6 = +1 Leadership.
10 Characteristic Increase: Roll again: 1-3 = +1 Strength; 4-6 = +1 Attack.
11 Characteristic Increase: Roll again: 1-3 = +1 Wound; 4-6 = +1 Toughness.
12 Legendary Ability: The character may choose from Legendary Abilities list below.

Skills, even common ones, are deadly in the right hands. Any single skill can be chosen for your Commander. Each skill follows the same rules as the Universal Special Rules (Pg. 74 big rulebook). The list of skills, and any additional requirements, are as follows:

Eternal Warrior (Requires Toughness 5)
Feel No Pain (Requires Toughness 5)
Fleet (Requires Initiative 5)
Furious Charge (Requires Initiative 5)
Hit & Run (Requires Initiative 6)
Infiltrate (Requires Mover Through Cover, Scouts, or Stealth)
Move Through Cover (Requires Initiative 5)
Night Vision/Acute Senses
Preferred Enemy (pick enemy)
Relentless (Requires Strength 5)
Scouts (Attached unit and/or transport gain ability also)
Skilled Rider (Requires Cavalry or Bike)
Tank Hunters

Legendary Abilities represent truly unique abilities and skills possessed by only a handful of mighty warriors. Note: Some of these abilities grant bonuses to the army as a whole, or to other units within your army. These abilities may not be used if the character is not included in the attacking force, or has to sit on the sidelines due to an injury.

Battle Psyker: The character rolls 3d6 and discards the highest roll when taking a Psychic test.
Blade master: Hits in close combat have the Rending special rule.
Blitzkrieg: Choose d3 units before set up, these units stay in reserve and gain the Outflank rule. (Pg. 94)
Coordinated Assault: All friendly units within 6" of this character gain +1 Attack.
Counterstrike: For every enemy roll of 1 to hit the Character in close combat, the Commander gets that attack for himself. I.e. enemy rolls three 1’s, Commander gets 3 additional attacks.
Double Tap: The character may fire one additional shot per turn if he does not move in the movement phase. This includes heavy weapons.
Fearsome Reputation: When this character assaults a unit, the defender must immediately take a Morale test. If they fail, they attack at Initiative 1.
Forward Intel: After deployment, choose a single infantry or vehicle unit in your army. That unit gains the Scouts special rule for the duration of the battle.
Gunnery Expert: All friendly units within 6" of this character gain +1 Ballistics Skill.
Inspiring Aura: All friendly units within 12" of commander use his leadership for all Ld rolls.
Killing Blow: Instead of making his normal attacks, this character may inflict a single, two-handed strike, against one enemy of his choice. This attack doubles the character’s strength up to 10.
Master at Arms: All friendly units within 6" of this character gain +1 Weapon Skill.
Master Psyker: The character may use one additional Psychic power each turn.
Outmaneuver: After both sides deploy, 1d3 units maybe repositioned anywhere in own deployment zone.
Premonition: Commander gains a 5+ invulnerable save.
Regeneration: At the start of your turn, as long as this character is still alive, roll a D6 for each Wound that he has lost: for every 6 rolled, he recovers a single Wound.
Retinue: Choose one Elite choice from your Codex. When this character is included in your army, you may include that type of unit as a Troops choice.
Sharpshooter: Enemies may not take cover saves against shots from this character.
Sniper: Wounds caused by this character's Shooting attacks are allocated by his controlling player, rather than the opposing player.
Superior Tactician: You may choose to reroll one dice roll for picking deployment areas, seeing who goes first, or for reserves.
Tactical Precision: If this unit arrives by Deep Strike, it scatters 1D6" instead of 2d6“.
Tank Commander: This character may join the crew of one tank for the entirety of a battle. The tank ignores Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned results, and uses his Ballistic Skill. If the tank suffers a Wrecked result, roll d6. On a 1 or 2, Character is slain! If tank suffers an Explodes result, roll d6. On a 1, 2, or 3 Character is slain! If he is not slain, then character has fled the battle.
Unnatural Strength: The character may wield initiative reduced weapons (powerfists, etc.) at their normal initiative.

SERGEANTS (squad leaders and minor HQ)
At the beginning of the campaign, each player should keep track of all squad leaders and minor HQ. These sergeants and additional HQ have the ability to gain experience throughout the duration of the campaign. Each Sergeant/HQ should have his name, wargear, and experience kept track of. Sergeant/HQs may not be Vehicles, though they may be mounted on bikes or cavalry. Sergeant/HQ cost increases in accordance to its Experience, wargear, and skills.

The Sergeant/HQ gains 1 Experience point in each game he participates in that he does not die or flees off of the table. During each game, the Sergeant/HQ can earn additional Experience if he and the unit he is in accomplishes any of the following actions:

- Slaying an enemy character or monstrous creature.
- Forcing an enemy unit to route
- Successfully holding an objective.
- Destroying a tank.
- Successfully conquering a planet.

Each time a Sergeant/HQ earns 5 Experience points, the player may spend these points to make a roll on the Character Advancement table (below). The bonus rolled is applied to that character for the campaign.
Advancement Table (Roll 2d6)
2. Weapons Locker The character may choose any one piece of wargear from his army's Codex.
3. Hand to hand adept - +1 to Weapon Skill
4. Eagle Eye - +1 to Ballistic Skill
5. Quick Reflexes - +1 to Initiative
6. Venerable Leader - +1 Leadership
7. Formidable Foe - +1 Strength
8. Onslaught - +1 Attack
9. Survivor - +1 Wound
10. Hard to kill - +1 Toughness
11-12. Veteran Abilities - See Table Below

As your warriors fight through battle after battle with their Sergeant, they become adept at different war craft. This is reflected through Veteran Abilities. There are three tables to choose from, each has its own specialty. Roll a D6 on your chosen table to determine ability. Once a unit gains an ability from one of the tables, all its future rolls must be on the same table. If a Unit with a Veteran Ability ends the battle below half strength or flees the battle, it will lose one ability at random.

Fieldcraft Veteran Ability (d6)
1. Infiltrate
2. Move through cover or Skilled rider
3. Stealth
4. Scouts
5. Fleet
6. Fearless

Melee Veteran Ability (d6)
1. Feel no pain
2. Furious charge
3. Counter attack
4. Hit and run
5. Preferred enemy
6. Fearless

Gunnery Veteran Ability (d6)
1. Night vision/Acute senses
2. Relentless
3. Rending
4. Tank Hunters
5. Special ammo (see your codex)
6. Fearless

Your army may have multiple special characters. These characters are treated differently from your created characters. Here is a list of rules that apply to all special characters:
1. They DO NOT gain experience!
2. They may never lead your army as the commander.
3. They do however abide by the Slain Characters rule.
4. If Slain, they do not receive the +1 bonus for a victory.
5. You cannot pick multiples of the same character.
6. If attached to a squad, Special characters exploits count for that squad and its Sergeant.
(I.E. Killing a enemy HQ will give the Sergeant experience, not the Character.)
7. A Special Character cannot be the only HQ fielded.

After each battle fought as part of the campaign, roll a D6 for any of your characters, including sergeants, that have been slain in battle (not fleeing or have fled from the table). If you won the game, a +1 bonus is added to your roll.

1. Captured - The Commander has been captured by the enemy! A special rescue scenario must be played before next major battle (See Special Rescue mission entry for details). If a minor HQ is captured or the Commander is not rescued, enemy may add his total point cost to their own points total. Captured points can be used to purchase troops, wargear, etc. If a sergeant is captured, his squad is penalized -2 to all leadership and morale tests in the next battle.

2. Serious Injury - The Commander, or multi wound HQs, have survived but is greatly weakened by his injuries. He permanently loses 1 Wound and 1 point of Toughness from his profile for the duration of the campaign and cannot participate in the next battle. If it’s a sergeant, roll 1d6. On a 1 or 2, the Sergeant dies, on a 3,4,5, or 6 he loses 1 point of toughness but is allowed to participate in next battle.

3. War Wound - The character has survived but is weakened by his injuries. Roll a D6 on table below. All results can be stacked unless noted otherwise. *Stat cannot go below 1.

1: Blinded: The character receives a -1 to BS*. If he gets this result again, he loses total sight and must receive race specific bionics, mutations, etc. Add 25 points to Character’s profile and an additional -1 to BS*. If this result is rolled for a third time, Character is retired from campaign.
2: Hand/Arm Injury: The character receives a -1 to WS*.
3: Dulled Senses: Character gains the Vulnerable to Blasts/Templates rule. Subsequent results, -1 attack*.
4: Leg Injury: The character gains the Slow and Purposeful rule (without the Relentless add-on). Subsequent results, -1 inch from movement*.
5: Head Injury: The character receives a -1 to Initiative*.
6: Post Traumatic: The character gains the Rage special rule. Subsequent results, -1 Strength*

4. Slow Recovery - The character has survived, but must rest and recover his strength before returning to the battlefield. He may not participate in the next battle his army participates in.

5. Traumatized - The near death experience has shaken the warrior. He loses 1 Experience point, but is
otherwise able to return to duty. If commander goes into negative experience, stay at 0 experience, but miss next battle.

6. Full Recovery - Despite his wounds, the character has made a full recovery and is ready for battle in the next game.

7. What Doesn't Kill Me… - The Commander has survived and even thrived! The character gains +1 Experience point.

There are several ways for a Character to die. If a character's Wounds or Toughness is reduced to 0, If he is captured and killed. Instant death rule, and other factors all lead to death. You must select a minor HQ to take his place (not including special characters). If there are no normal HQ left, then you must select a sergeant (squad leader), to take his place. The sergeant uses his own stat lines, whatever skills he has earned throughout the campaign, and gains the dead leaders title. This means he may now use the rules for commanders as listed above. You must then elect a new Sergeant for that squad.

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PostSubject: Re: Character creation rules (WIP)   Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:13 am

Just wanted to say that these rules sound fantastic at the minute! =)
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PostSubject: ditto   Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:05 am

I think so to(not that I have experience)
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PostSubject: Re: Character creation rules (WIP)   

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Character creation rules (WIP)
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